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Dynasty Warriors 7

           Smile Dunnyboy!
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how do people do things and go out everyday like i go out and i have to take a week to recover

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i wanna put on a cute dress and slay all my enemies

i love the way how this gets notes slowly. it’s like everyone puts on a cute dress an slays all their enemies and then comes back and reblogs the post

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" i want a 6’3 boy "
bitch you need a job

have a seat 

men have preferences out the ass
"i want a girl with big boobs, thick thighs, a big ass, a tiny waist, long hair, no makeup, preferably a mix a mix between beyonce and a kardashian"

but if a girl has one preference, suddenly she’s an unemployed bitch

fuck outta here with this bullshit this post is trash 

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je otherworlds revamp!

thanks to everyone for their input on the last je otherworlds post!

i’m back to announce that this year, je otherworlds will be running but as a fic challenge rather than a full-fledged exchange in an effort to raise the fic writing side of fandom from the dead.

for more information, please see this informational post! any comments, queries, or questions are welcome! and if you guys could, please reblog this to spread the word — there’s a little something for everyone, from writers to fanmixers to artists, graphic and otherwise, so everyone can participate!

see you on the flip side!

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"The members are the best! There is nothing bad about them. We all have our differences, but Honestly, If It wasn’t the four us, I think it would be impossible to reach 10 years. "  - Kato Shigeaki  (LIVE MONSTER 2014.06.08)

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This is a Tegoshi who applauds himself. Yes.

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猫中毒 MV 

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